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At Time Construction, we build spaces that exceed your expectations and vision. Our focus has always been to deliver service excellence that drives satisfaction and joy. We thrive on our industry-leading technical capabilities blended with years of experience in satisfying our customers.

With a strong commitment to providing professional and consistent results in a timely manner, we thrive in delivering high quality design and build solutions. Our service is complemented by a skilled labour force and innovative equipment to deliver the exemplary results our clients deserve.

A partnership rooted in passion.
John Shimer

Business Manager

Growing up working in a family run hardware store in Eastern North Carolina people were always coming and going working on projects. I enjoyed helping them find the solutions. Building the solution together with all the items throughout the store. On reflection I knew then construction would be a part of my life. A Building Construction Technology degree formally continued my journey . While working in and out of the construction sector in the field, estimation, project management, sales and leadership roles I became a North Carolina Licensed Building Contractor. After a couple of years working on projects with Frederic, our alignment evolved into a partnership reviving the same passion that led me to construction in the beginning. The joy of building. Without doubt our shared responsibility, combination of practices we work to prefect, and pride in what we build will be reflected in every project we pursue together. 

Frédéric Petit

Construction Manager

When John asked me to write a synopsis about me, I couldn’t resist to smirk. If most people do as I do, no one will read it was my thoughts. Nevertheless, if you have chosen to spend some time and read my bio, here is what I would like you to know about me: I was born and raised in Belgium in the early 70’s, I’m a french native speaker and learned English with my son, 2 years old at the time, watching sponge bob. Regarding construction, I would lie if I was telling you that it was my vocation from the beginning. I was a joyful boy interested by everything which became a challenge when graduating from high school, I had to make a choice and I couldn’t. Some would call me a jumper, others a jack of all trades because I invested myself in many things until in the early years of 2000, I restored a really old “bâtisse” in Savoy, France and the rest is history. One thing though, learning estimating, field supervision & project management slowly change me over time from a purposeless young man to at last a purposeful builder, crystallized in this venture with John. I can’t deny some personal pride about it.

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